I’m glad you found us. What we’re offering to potential team members is truly a career, not a job. Imagine a place where this happens in your first 90 days:

  1. Your first task is to unwrap your brand new, standard issue NERF gun. Because, well, you need to protect yourself.
  2. You spend your first week learning all about the industry and BlueRock’s place in it. You don’t even start “doing your job” until 3 weeks in!
  3. Within your first month, we’ll discuss your career plan and map out an entire year’s worth of education, training, a reading plan, your future goals and much, much more.
  4. You’ll learn how each group works together to produce best-in-class results and how you’re a key part of it
  5. Your benefits package kicks in within 30 days, not 90 like most other firms in the area. Not only that, but the benefits are awesome and look like this:
    1. PPO healthcare package with a low employee contribution
    2. Fully paid Dental & Vision coverage
    3. Unlimited soft drinks (just don’t tell the dentist you have due to the paid dental coverage)
    4. Short-term and long-term disability
    5. Life insurance
    6. Cell phone allowance
    7. 401(k) with an employer match (we enroll eligible staff on a quarterly basis)
  6. Get hands-on experience in some of the most interesting verticals out there such as:
    1. Hotels (the places where Kanye stays, no Motel 6 here)
    2. Nightclubs (we built the biggest nightclub in Vegas last year)
    3. High-End Restaurants (four dollar signs, y’all)
  7. Get your hands on technology that most firms in this area are still trying to figure out how to deploy such as:
    1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    2. Datacenter Management
    3. Hosted Application Infrastructure

Sound like a place you could see yourself working? Currently, we have the following opening available:

So you like what you see of our culture, and one of the above job descriptions sounds like it’s just what you’ve been searching for, so what next? In addition to the job-specific skills outlined in the role description, we ask that you bring these qualities to the table:

  1. Show up with a sense of humor
  2. Embrace a living, changing environment and jump in with both feet
  3. Take risks by doing your VERY best every day
  4. Enter into a long-term business relationship. If you like to keep in touch with recruiters in case something shinier comes along, we’re probably not for you.
  5. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  6. Get comfortable wearing casual clothes at the office.
  7. Accept that leadership uses movie quotes to demonstrate complex business situations.
  8. Tolerate when leadership says the same things multiple times to make sure that they communicate clearly
  9. Tolerate when leadership says the same things multiple times to make sure that they communicate clearly
  10. Tolerate when leadership says the same things multiple times to make sure that they communicate clearly
  11. Prepare for a group of high-achievers, just like you. If you prefer to surround yourself with mediocre people so you feel like you’re the smartest person in the room, we might not be a great fit.

Still interested? Well here’s how to apply for a job at BlueRock:

  1. Craft an AWESOME cover letter detailing why you’re the person we’ve hoped and dreamed we’d find in the market.
    1. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Include your best joke as part of this letter. It probably won’t affect your hiring chances much, but honestly, I’m tired of hearing the same jokes around the office so I’m hoping to bolster my own personal joke repertoire.
  2. Review your resume to make sure it’s up to date.
  3. Submit both the cover letter AND the resume to

Give us 3 business days to review your documentation and we’ll make sure to reach back with next steps. We’re all looking forward to meeting you!

Submit Your Resume

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