Why BlueRock?

We listen to you. We recommend the right solution. We keep it simple.

Our mission: We work with you to make IT practical.

At blueRock we have a love for technology and a passion for business. As a professional IT services company in Michigan our goal is simple: Increase your top line, increase your bottom line, and increase your competitive edge. We believe this can be accomplished when the right technology is in place. Beyond that we perform as a "General Contractor" within the realms of business and technology - not just to advise, but to follow through and perform, because we also believe that execution and results are everything.

Business leaders need to know what is required to get the job done. BlueRock will provide you with that input in a manner that makes sense to you.

How we're different than the traditional "IT Services shop"

    • Full technical support - We understand your business and workflow first before making recommendations or providing costs. The BlueRock team wants to ensure whatever technology or support solution we recommend is the simplest and right fit for your business needs. Our recommendations will be applicable for your business workflow and the needs of your staff.Higher Return on Investment (ROI). Our IT solutions and services are presented in a manner that can derive some level of increased ROI. We will show you this data to aid in making decisions.


    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - We help you keep the future in mind by analyzing the financial impact that certain IT services and products will make now and over the next 3-5 years.


    • We keep IT simple - Technology may be complicated but your IT solution doesn't have to be. Our recommendations will be simple, to the point, customized to your needs and always understandable by those involved in the decision making process.


Want proof? Check out our case studies and what our clients say about us

IT is a constantly changing landscape.  BlueRock Technologies keeps up with the latest in order to help you determine which IT services and solutions are most practical for your business.

Talk to us today and experience the difference