About Us

Simplifying your technology, and your business.

BlueRock® was founded in 2000. Our strategic focus to understand our clients business and integrate the correct technology into the business has long separated us from the traditional “break/fix” shops. As a result, we have built our reputation on creating solutions over simply fixing computers.

As a technology consulting firm, we offer agility, flexibility and personal attention that many of our larger competitors have long since abandoned. Our staff members are highly qualified in both current and emerging technologies.


BlueRock® has successfully overseen the technology design and construction of multi-million dollar sites. BlueRock has extensive experience with enterprise IT design and implementation of large multi-layer & multi-site networks. BlueRock also manages its own 100+ server Microsoft Windows-based network integrating Microsoft, VMware ESX Enterprise and Citrix technologies over a high-availability, multi-datacenter environment.


All of our consultants are required to be Microsoft certified and, depending on their specialty, have other key technology certifications (e.g. Cisco, Citrix, VMware, etc.).

While we believe that technology certifications are a measure of our commitment to continuous improvement, above all our goal is to maintain the essential experience and knowledge to keep your operations efficient and reliable.

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