Hosted Servers

Outsource server stress to the cloud

Is managing your servers in house becoming more trouble than it's worth? If your business could benefit from eliminating IT headaches, freeing up company resources and going green, Cloud Servers from blueRock are the simple solution.

By transferring your servers to the cloud, you can get rid of the physical equipment required to keep your IT systems running smoothly - so instead of dealing with server issues, you can focus on what really matters.

Cloud Servers from blueRock allow you to save on energy costs, free up limited office space and say goodbye to the ongoing hassles of dealing with in-house servers for good.

Cloud Servers from blueRock give you all this:

  • Less downtime - our experts will proactively monitor and maintain your servers
  • Simplified budgeting - pay only for the server space you actually use
  • Scalability - instantly upgrade software, add applications and acquire more space as you need it
  • Customization - create a tailor-made server setup based on your unique specifications

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