Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

­We work with you to make IT practical.

We’re very excited about our mission statement.  We believe it differentiates us from most IT firms (and even IT departments) because we want our focus rooted in working with you, on behalf of you, and not for our own purposes.

Further, it ensures that we’re providing services and solutions that deliver to your needs.  We use our expertise to make sure we’re taking care of the small things, while not delivering overly engineered systems.

James Dibler, CEO
BlueRock Technologies

Our Core Values

Love What You Do

  • ­Be passionate about what you do and everything else falls into place.
  • ­We believe life should be spent doing what you love.
  • ­We believe our happiness directly impacts the quality of our work.

Live To Serve

  • ­As a service company, we exist to serve.
  • ­We see our clients as part of our team and act as part of yours.
  • ­We understand your opportunities and challenges and treat them as our own.
  • ­We value the quality of the experience more than who gets the credit.
  • ­Big hearts, small egos.

Delivery Quality

  • ­We set clear expectations and exceed them.
  • ­We consistently deliver results aimed at perfection.
  • ­We thrive on the details, no matter how small.
  • ­Our focus is on client needs and expectations.
  • ­We recognize what must be accomplished to be the best business partner.

Make It Better

  • ­We believe we should always be learning, sharpening our skills, learning new ways of doing things, and getting outside perspective to challenge our way of thinking.
  • ­We are never satisfied with “the way it’s always been done”.
  • ­We are always asking ourselves “how can we make this better?”
  • ­We believe the details make all the difference.

Be Flexible

  • ­Things don’t always go to plan; rather than be frustrated, we embrace change.
  • ­We see change as inevitable; problems as opportunities to succeed where others haven’t.

We're In This Together

  • ­Success or failure, we achieve it as a team.
  • ­We don’t hire lone gunmen.
  • ­We don’t hire big ego’s.
  • ­We’re in this together.
  • ­We can only truly succeed if we work together.