Account Manager


To work at BlueRock, you have to love what you do! And you have to understand how to make IT practical.

We're looking for a member to join our Avengers Team as our Account Manager.  We want someone who shares the excitement when you helped your best friend pick out their new laptop or phone because you know you helped guide them to the right decision.  At BlueRock, we are in this together so we are looking for someone who wants to work alongside talented people and can help them enhance their performance by promoting collaboration.  (Go Team!  Lone gunmen need not apply.)  We are a place that moves in a fast paced environment that is constantly evolving and will definitely challenge you.

You will be responsible for the full sales lifecycle for our clients.  You must actively be looking for ways to help our clients make sure they have all of the right IT business solutions for their needs.  This is where you really have to understand our mission and make IT practical for our clients!

Required Skills:

  • A strong passion for working with our clients to understand their needs and translates those into solution requirements. This is so important to us, the team says I should say it again: We really want to make IT practical for our clients!
  • Understand how to qualify new sales opportunities for our clients.
  • Effectively communicate throughout the lifecycle of the account and manage client expectations appropriately.
  • Foster a sense of urgency and provide timely responses to our clients since they are our number one fans. Ok maybe second; our Moms would be sad if I didn't say they were are first.
  • Conduct onsite or online presentations that showcase our services and products to clients. You should be genuinely excited at all of the cool things we can do for our clients! I would hate for people to have to relive a Ben Stein Clear Eyes commercial.
  • Work with management to develop proposals, quotes, and respond to RFP/RFI documents.
  • Make sense out of chaos and manage the complexity of our Managed IT services proposals, contracts, lease agreements, and service level agreements.
  • Maintain in-depth product knowledge of our service offerings. We're in this together, so if ever have questions our team is really excited to teach people about our service offerings.
  • Perform sales procedures through activities and opportunities in ConnectWise.

Our really nice to have list:

  • Be a guru in ConnectWise sales processes.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of our service catalog and how it relates to customer's needs. I am envisioning a really cool matrix, but am open to new ideas.
  • Document internal processes and procedures related to your duties. We are also really passionate about quality, so hopefully you were not cut in the first round of your 8th grade spelling bee.
  • Attend weekly sales meetings and always come prepared to these meetings.

For more information or to apply, please head to: