Sales Representative


To work at BlueRock, you have to love what you do! And you have to understand how to make IT practical.

We're looking for a  member to join our A-Team. And no, we're not talking about which string on the football team you are in our Sales Team. We're are talking about you becoming  the A-Team's next Hannibal - the "man with the plan".  At BlueRock, we're in this together so we are looking for someone who wants to work alongside talented people and can help them enhance their performance by promoting collaboration. (Go Team! Lone gunmen need not apply.) We are a place that moves in a fast paced environment that is constantly evolving and will definitely challenge you.

You will be responsible for increasing our existing customer base and by showcasing the products and services that BlueRock has to offer. You must actively locate and qualify new prospects, as well as work with prospects by handling onsite appointments and making sure they have all of the right IT business solutions for their needs. This is where you really have to understand our mission and make IT practical for our clients!

Required Skills:

  • Locate and connect with prospects. And no, we are not talking about "liking" someone on LinkedIn as counting for connecting with our future clients. We're are talking about connecting with them like you-are-so-cool-I-want-to-be-your-best-friend-starting-now kind of excitement.
  • Listen, really listen, to our future clients and translate their needs into solution requirements. This is so important to us, the team says I should say it again: We really want to make IT practical for our clients!
  • Work with management to develop proposals, quotes, and respond to RFP/RFI documents.
  • Qualify new sales opportunities.
  • Conduct onsite presentations that showcase the services and products that we have to offer.
  • Effectively communicate the features and benefits of the solutions we have to have offer. Granted we do a lot of technical stuff, you should make it sound cooler than "stuff". I prefer to think of it as magic. Ta-da!
  • Make sense out of chaos and manage the complexity of our Managed IT services proposals, contracts, lease agreements, and service level agreements.
  • Communicate and report sales forecasts to management. I prefer pretty pictures, seriously.
  • Work with our team to really understand our services and be able to turn around and explain to a whole class of kindergarteners what we do. I heard if you make them bored, they are like gremlins when you feed them after midnight. Good luck!

Our really nice to have list:

  • Be a guru in ConnectWise sales processes.
  • Attend weekly sales meetings and always come prepared to these meetings.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of our service catalog and how it relates to customer's needs. I am envisioning something that rivals Hammacher Schlemmer's catalog; even if you don't order anything, you know you want to look inside.
  • Document internal processes and procedures related to your duties. We are also really passionate about quality, so hopefully you were not cut in the first round of your 8th grade spelling bee.
  • Understand ITIL principles.

For more information or to apply, please head to: